What is exciting web3?

Web3 is a dynamic landscape for the world to explore. It refers to decentralized applications (dapps) that run on the blockchain. There is no single controlling entity and the dapps embedded in the network are open. We realize that web3 can be a big challenge for developers trying to enter the field alone.

Web2 refers to the version of the Internet that most of us know today. An Internet dominated by companies that provide services in exchange for your personal data. Web3, in the context of Ethereum, refers to decentralized applications running on the blockchain. These are applications that allow anyone to participate without monetizing their personal data.

After months of experimenting, learning and building in the web3 world, I decided it's time to explain how I see web3, why it excites me, along with some of the challenges.

Tim Ludecke
Tim Ludecke

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