How do I buy on web3?

The best way to bet on technology would be to buy stocks or cryptocurrencies linked to the development or implementation of web technology3. Master successful investments with our checklist and get weekly insights from experts who will help you build your wealth with confidence. Web3 is attracting a flood of investor interest, but it is riddled with exaggeration and speculation. A value-investing approach can help.

We adapted our “intangible value lens” to cryptocurrencies and built a value strategy on small-cap tokens. We also created Web3 industry rankings and crypto stock portfolios. Even if Web3's thesis is correct, investing in disruptive technologies is a challenge. Munger's reference to the dot-com bubble is accurate.

While many Internet investors did extremely well, the 1990s was a period of overinvestment, which led to a large amount of speculative capital being burned.

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